U-Vendor Pack

U-Vendor Pack is a foldable structure that improves the workflow of street vendors and helps ease the tensions between vendors and the government.


Street vendors, criticised for introducing unwanted clutter in cities, have to face strict restrictions and enforcement from the government. The U-Vendor Pack could be provided as part of the street vendors’ registration process to explore the possibility of legalising street vendors and enhancing their livelihoods in the cities. After registering with the local government, the vendor will receive a U-Vendor Pack. When deployed during business operation, the pack becomes a flat surface that can be attached to street fences, providing a visual backdrop on sidewalks and turning an unused space into a vending stall without interfering with pedestrian flow. 

Featuring functions such as water system, certificate display and packaging storages, U-Vendor Pack transforms vendors’ operations by upgrading their workflow and enabling hygienic food preparation. With this design, the government can make its policies and regulations more tangible, understandable and friendly. Compared to existing solutions, U-Vendor Pack is practical and economical for both the government and street vendors. It offers a supplementary solution without requiring vendors to invest in new equipment or vehicles. Overall, U-Vendor Pack will upgrade the street vending experience, encourage vendors to register, and help incorporate street vendors into the city.


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